Institution Industry Interaction Cell

ICCS College of Engineering & Management recognizes that better interaction between Technical institutions and industry very essential. With the advent of globalization and the opening up of the Indian economy to the outside world, competition among industries has become large. The Institution Industry Interaction Cell was started in the college in October 2019. The team consists of faculties from each department & Student co-ordinators who represent every year each department also are part of the IIIC team. Active industry representations are being solicited and in this connection, various forums are being considered to extend the reach and interactions with the student community.


  • Organizing Workshops, Webinars, and conferences with joint participation of the faculty and the industries.
  •  Encouraging engineers from the industry to visit Engineering Institution to deliver lectures.
  •  Arranging visits of staff members to various industries.
  •  Professional consultancy by our faculty to industries.
  • Inviting executives and practicing engineers from leading industries to our Institute for overseeing research work and laboratories, discussions, and delivering lectures on industrial practices, trends, and experiences.
  •  Industrial testing by faculty & technicians at the site or in the laboratory.
  •  To improve capabilities to become self-employed.
  • To create awareness about the job functions in the industry.
  •  To create attitudes in students to adapt to the industrial environment.
  •  To impart proper practical and relevant knowledge and skills.

Members of the cell

Chairman                     Patron, Dr. Sojan V

Chairman                     Principal, Dr. Nirmal K

Incharge                      Ms. Neenu K C

  1. Mr.Indrajith T B, HOD, CSE Department
  2. Ms.Deepa Mary, HOD, CE Department       
  3. Ms. Anju P P, HOD, ME Department
  4. Mr.  Ephrem Elavathingl, Sr. Manager AIC Raise
  5. Mr. Visal Vargeese, Commercial Business Head, Go Green Solar
  6. Mr.Adarsh V Kumar, Artificial intelligence Developer, AI Village
  7. Ms. Nisha, Ceo, Soften Technologies