ICCS College
of Engineering and Management

ICCS College of Engineering and Management is a private self-financing Engineering College owned and operated by ICCS Limited Management ( formerly known as Sree Ernakulathappan College of Engineering and Management). ICCS college management is dedicated to establishing educational and social institutions to match the upcoming demands and needs. Our college campus is entrenched with an intention to provide quality education in engineering studies. The focus will be on the overall development of the students with special emphasis on industrial and corporate training and reinforce employability skills. At the same time, a human formation in the background with the needs of a developing society and make a commitment to the needy around will form the basis on which the academic philosophy of ICCS. While conforming to traditional programs in engineering as stipulated by the statutory bodies, vigor, comprehensiveness, and scientific update shall be introduced through conducting workshops, seminars, and symposia. In-depth knowledge and insight will be promoted by research and case studies pertaining to the Indian context and by exposing the students to the experiences of the times.

We have expanded our engineering education into five different branches, including Chemical Engineering And Food Engineering, which open a door towards a broad range of opportunities before students. As a newly established institute, we have been successful in implementing various approaches and strategies in teaching and engineering the process of earning to bring a unique experience. Throughout our pioneer towards success, the extracurricular activities and out of the box programs that were aimed to enlighten the students with emerging technologies and support the innovative, entrepreneurial mindset among them has helped a lot. Students are given various opportunities often to get introduced to various emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Neural Networks, Neuromarketing, Internet of Things, Robotics, Biometrics, and many more through seminars and events conducted with utmost enthusiasm, in collaboration with industry-leading companies and organizations. Nonetheless, as a family, we encourage students to take various online MOOC courses and micro degree courses to fine-tune what they learn from classrooms. We are committed to facilitating seamless access to such platforms throughout the academic period to each and every student. Here at ICCS, you are not just getting enrolled into a college for your formal studies. We are promising a captivating journey through the important days of your life with salient tools that can help you excel in every sphere of life. 


To be in the forefront in community development through quality education by empowering young generation with technology and social skills to mould as Social Engineer.


To engineer the next generation with emerging technologies, social skills, and essential guidance at the right moment. Also, to provide high quality academic and professional learning opportunities in various fields which are designed to advance technical, intellectual, cultural, social and economic well being of the society.


  • To promote education in rural area
  • To support financially backward but academically excellent students
  • To contribute smart engineers for the nation
  • To open opportunities for diploma students to sharpen their professional skill
  • To mold a better candidate for the industry suit to the era
  • To build a platform to generate innovative technologies
  • To develop responsible techno culture among youth